'Iron Horses': Urban Art Meets the Art of the Horse

Liz Chappie Zoller's unique contemporary art is a combination of her passions for smart, big-hearted working horses and freight car-inspired calligraffiti (master)"pieces", both inspired by her Montana landscape. The overlapping edges of two such diverse cultures drives the creation of this equine art, representing a surprising commonality of values, sense of place, tradition, and respect.

These overlaps become apparent by remaining curious and open to this unusual pairing of subject matter. Skill and respect for tradition are core values in our American West, and in the history and culture of urban graffiti art, the same values are integral to these communities as well. High performance, laser-like focus, and dedication to getting the job done are common to the best working horses and graf writers. The best of the best is also fiercely loyal and courageous.

Calligraffiti is chosen to best fit each working horse, using the graffiti tag PEARL in honor of the Pearl Snap Studio tagline 'More Grit, More Pearl'. Iron Horses are warriors, empowering, courageous, and authentic, celebrating the strengths of diverse cultures .

Commission an Iron Horse of your favorite equine, with your choice of colors and a 3-5 letter "tag". Shetland ponies with bubble-style name-tags are great gifts for kids, too. Small single Letter Iron Horses are  made to order. Use the Contact Us page for inquiries.