Pearl Snap Studio Equine Art

"More Grit, More Pearl"

Iron Horses Contemporary Art:

Working Horses & Urban Graffiti



Iron Horses* are urban art meets the art of the horse”.

Contemporary artist Liz Chappie Zoller creates unique and powerful images of working horses embellished with freight train-inspired graffiti, representing the overlapping edges of two very diverse cultures. Her art embraces our differences, while recognizing the importance of place, tradition, and values. Iron Horses encourage conversations about how much more we have in common than we often assume at first glance.

Graffiti culture and industries using working horses, such as ranches, racetracks, outfitters, and more, both deeply honor their histories and traditions. The least-experienced graf writers (“toys”) and riders/horses earn their places based on respect, perseverance (or "try"), skills, and talent. Common values in all these athletes and artists include high performance standards, ability to focus, and dedication to getting the job done – whether it’s tagging trains with your crew, breezing a colt, or roping cattle. The best of the best are also fiercely loyal, and courageous to the point of fearlessness.

Liz's passion for smart, big-hearted working horses and the artistry, design, and energy of well-executed “pieces” of freight train graffiti formed the original concept of the Iron Horses. These "graffiti horses" confidently and fearlessly invite you to fully engage in the grittiest challenges of your life. They ask you to show up. They require you to make authentic choices. They want you to do the work. Iron Horses embody the rewards of a strong, fierce, and beautiful life of "More Grit, More Pearl".

*an iconic literary term for steam locomotives, originating in Victorian culture when horses powered most machinery